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Hi! I'm Michael Parker - Founder of Lean Sigma Corporation

Six Sigma Transformed My Career.

Seven months after getting my Six Sigma certification, I was offered a Six Sigma position with more responsibility at a new company. I was excited to take on the new job and I was humbled by an offer that increased my base salary by 65%. This was a monster improvement to my family's life, we were scraping by before that. It was truly an awesome job offer and I am to this day grateful for it. But, that wasn't the career transformation I was talking about. It was the one I was chasing, but it wasn't the one I found. 

Over the next ten years, while I continued to embrace six sigma. I applied its concepts and tools to everything I did. My "career skill-set" became soo much more advanced than my peers that people at work would seek my assistance with all kinds of different problems. I found myself facilitating work sessions, leading projects, presenting to executives, developing business cases.

I found myself working on business problems and business improvements that were fun, challenging, and exciting. I was forced into stressful situations, you know, the kind of stress that helps you perform well. And I did, which led to more opportunities for exposure and growth.

What I discovered while I was enjoying my career, was that I felt like I was contributing to the organization. I was working on meaningful projects that had big results for the business. I was contributing to my family because my career success was paying me back. I was proud, I had become a successful professional. But that feeling of worth and meaningful contribution was not something I had experienced at work before. It became a new measure of success for me. That sense of purpose and meaning behind everything I do. It's this transformation of perceived value for me, that brings us together today.

You see, in pursuit of sharing the priceless value of six sigma with others, I have created an unrivaled online six sigma training program. But what you don't yet know is that I have packed it with information, tools, templates, and features that will be there for you during your certification journey and more importantly afterward, when you're on your own career transformation journey.

I believe strongly in the Six Sigma and D.M.A.I.C. methodology. And I know exactly what you need to learn to begin tapping into its value. Selfishly, I want to continue with my own sense of worth by providing you the training that fueled my career ascension and transformation. Nothing would make me happier than to see my students ascend and transform their own careers in meaningful ways.

So If you're serious about your career, you're in the right place, I provide you with everything you need to make a serious impact on your career. But If you're just seeking the credentials, this course is not for you.

These are the Results of Learning and Applying Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Career Growth


Nearly 30% of newly certified professionals earn a promotion or new job within 12 months of certification

Lean Six Sigma Income Growth


The average salary for Quality Professionals
in the U.S. is $93,036 (source: Quality Progress Magazine).


"I am living proof of both facts above. Seven months after receiving my Black Belt certification, I accepted a job with more responsibility at a new company and jumped my annual salary 65% and I kept growing from there! I absolutely attribute 100% of my career growth to Six Sigma, once you start learning it, you'll know why".

Ways Your Career Will Grow From Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Master Problem Solver

Become a Master

Learning the DMAIC methodology teaches you to become a master problem-solver. You will learn how to properly define a problem, measure its current state, determine critical x's (the things that move the measure of your problem), validate critical x's, and statistically prove improvements after making changes. You'll be every manager's new favorite employee.

Lean Six Sigma Analytics

Become an Analytics

Mastering Six Sigma analytics will make you a true analytics professional by adding skills that will shoot you above your peers. This aspect of Six Sigma is one of it's true differentiators. People may argue about the value of Six Sigma but no-one can argue the value of you knowing basic statistics, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and the list goes on.

Lean Six Sigma Income

Master Your Facilitation
and Presentation Skills

Six Sigma professionals are frequently called on to present their project work, findings, learnings, and/or savings. The work you do throughout your project like facilitating meetings and presenting project statuses, help you master your presentation skills and put you in career situations where you can demonstrate your mastery to senior leadership.

Lean Six Sigma Leadership

Hone Your Leadership Skills

Among the countless tools and techniques you will learn, there are a group of them called "experiential tools". These are are the tools that rely upon experience and knowledge to provide information and it's your job to plan, prepare, and facilitate meetings, work sessions, brainstorming sessions, etc. to draw upon the knowledge and experience of others. Doing this through 1 or 2 projects begins to consistently put you in front of others in a thought leadership capacity. This is how you'll grow your career.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Earn Your Certification

Earn your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification and 105 PDUs along with it. With over 3,000 certifications worldwide, Lean Sigma Corporation will grant you the designation of LSSGB (Lean Six Sigma Green Belt) when you complete all certification requirements.

Lean Six Sigma Income

Grow Your Income

It's amazing how many different and valuable ways your professional development will advance from a Six Sigma certification. Combining them all shoots you way ahead of your peers and puts you in front of people in a thought leadership capacity while gaining access to levels of leadership you never had before. There's no better certification to pursue than a serious Six Sigma training program.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification


17 Content-Packed Modules


"And 86 lessons covering the information I learned, to grow my income four-fold in ten years".  It's the full Lean Six Sigma D.M.A.I.C. Methodology. Each module is professionally narrated with matching ten-question interactive quizzes.

  • Six Sigma Overview ($99.95 Value)

  • Fundamentals of Six Sigma ($99.95 Value)

  • Lean Six Sigma Projects ($99.95 Value)

  • Lean Fundamentals ($99.95 Value)

  • Process Definition ($99.95 Value)

  • Six Sigma Statistics ($109.95 Value)

  • MSA ($109.95 Value)

  • Process Capability ($109.95 Value)

  • Inferential Statistics ($99.95 Value)

  • Hypothesis Testing ($119.95 Value)

  • Hypothesis Tests Normal ($129.95 Value)

  • Hypothesis Test Non-Normal ($129.95 Value)

  • Simple Linear Regression ($109.95 Value)

  • Statistical Process Control ($129.95 Value)

  • Lean Controls ($99.95 Value)

  • Six Sigma Control Plans ($99.95 Value)

  • Green Belt Certification Exam ($395 Value)

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My Bonuses Will Help You During and After Certification


"How to" Articles


Six Sigma analytics! YIKES! if you're anything like me you'll need to slow down and carefully work through a new statistical analysis technique on a step by step basis. These articles do just that for you. With screenshots, result interpretations, and the exact data files needed for every exercise. These articles are a massive value to you in learning the quantitative tools you'll need during your career transformation. A total value of $347 and I'm including them for FREE!


Lean Six Sigma
Green Belt Training Material


If you're someone who wants to print the slide set to follow along during your studies or just want the ease and quick access of the training material in pdf format, this bonus should speak to you. I'm including my $49 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training material slide set for FREE! You'll have this training content to reference during your certification journey as well as your career transformation journey.


Tools & Templates

The Tools & Template bonus gives you a cache of dozens of my trusty "go-to" files that will help you gather, organize, analyze, prioritize, and present information. This bonus gives you a home base of the same resources I used to help me throughout my career. Valued at $197 and I'm including it for FREE!


Roadmaps and Data Files

When I was a budding Black Belt I used to carry around a single sheet of notes to help me determine what to do and at what phase during my six sigma projects. Now, you get a fancier and smarter version of my DMAIC roadmap along with other roadmaps and data files. The DMAIC roadmap alone is PRICELESS!


You Will Have Lifetime Access to My System Packed with Communication, Sharing, and Collaboration Features

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to your course and your bonuses and features


Chat publicly with other online users

Private Chat

Chat privately with other online users


Ask questions or find answers from other people's questions


Comprehensive glossary of six sigma terms and definitions


Over 3,000 People Certified Globally

Lean Sigma Corporation has been providing online certification courses for seven years and through that time has certified over 3,000 people worldwide. As the certification entity for many training companies around the world, Lean Sigma Corporation's certification is the one you want.

What You Get When You Complete My Certification Program


Certification Letter


Digital Certificate


Listing in our Online
Certification Directory


What My Students Say

  • Christopher_Carano2-circle

    Christopher Carano

    "I am a recent graduate with a BS in chemical engineering. I saw that many positions I desired to pursue listed Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt as either a requirement or a strong benefit. After taking the course I can see how it is absolutely essential to industrial and manufacturing environments. I feel much more capable and palatable with this certification in my possession."

  • DonG-Bus-Casual2-circle

    Don Goolesby

    "This online course is a convenient yet comprehensive way to achieve a lean sigma black belt certification from a credible agency that stands as a substantial portfolio item."

  • Alfred-Tellez2-circle

    Alfred Tellez

    "My overall experience was great. On the simple side to use with the ability to record progress as you go. The ability to repeat any portion of the course, and continue where you left off was also a plus. Glad I had the chance to learn the material at my pace. Looking forward to using my new knowledge to perform Lean Six Sigma."

More Comments from Certificate Holders


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My Courses and Curriculum Follow Standards and are Accredited


Your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification will be recognized industry-wide! Earning your certification from the Lean Sigma Corporation means you have successfully demonstrated mastery of the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge consistent with all industry recognized certification providers. Our content and body of knowledge are aligned to ASQ, IASSC and most importantly, accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification.

My Company is an Approved Registered Education Provider

Taking and completing your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course through Lean Sigma Corporation will give you 105 PDU's that can be submitted to the Project Management Institute. Upon completion of all certification requirements, you will receive a certification letter that will include all necessary information to submit to PMI for your PDU's.


My Company Partners with Reputable Brands as an Authorized Re-Seller


Lean Sigma Corporation is an authorized re-seller for Minitab and SigmaXL. With these long-standing partnerships, we are able to provide you with discounted versions of Minitab or SigmaXL. Six Sigma embodies many analytical techniques that require the use of statistical analysis and our courses are offered with versions using Minitab, SigmaXL and JMP.

My Company is a Training Partner with SAS's JMP

Lean Sigma Corporation is a registered training partner with JMP, the statistical analysis software from SAS. Just like our Minitab and SigmaXL courses, we offer courses that have analytics referencing JMP as the tool for analysis. We provide step by step instructions on how to use JMP with screenshots and result interpretations.


We License Our Training Content and eLearning Systems to Universities, Colleges, Training Providers, Consultants, and Corporations Worldwide.

Most of our licenses are "white-label" and we honor their privacy. However, below are few that are not white-label or we are the certification entity for them. This is just a few of our happy clients and ones we are trusted by. You get access to the same eLearning courses and training content as they do!

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