Six Sigma Certification Course Demo

This demo course provides you an opportunity to view our eLearning modules, quizzes, tests and other system features. The course navigation menu on the right is a live example of a couple of our Define Phase components

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  • Course Title: eLearning Demo
  • Learning Method: Asynchronous
  • Course Description: Demonstration of Course, Lesson, Topic and Test
  • Assessment: 1 demo interactive quiz, 1 demo test,
  • Course Objectives: Allow users to see the quality, function and features of this eLearning course

Course Completion Requirements


Course Lessons, Topics and Tests will not “complete” for users who are not logged in.

Logged In Users:

Complete all lessons and pass the demo test (80%).

  1. Review and mark complete Overview of Six Sigma
  2. Review and mark complete Quiz Overview of Six Sigma
  3. Mark complete Define Intro Lesson
  4. Pass the Define phase test demo (80%)