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Offline study



Since I am constantly travel usually by plane, there is a way to download a course and study it offline?





Hi Alessandro,

The eLearning modules and quizzes cannot be downloaded and have to be accessed online. You can however, study the material in the same progression as the online course outline by using our "Learn Six Sigma" training manual. The book can be purchased at

I know that's not exactly the answer you're looking for but it's a great alternative.



If we have already purchased the online training program, do you offer the relevant training manual at a discounted price?


Hi Jeanette,

Our "Learn Six Sigma" book and eBook can be purchased here:

We're not currently running any specials on the books.

I'm taking the Black Belt training and would like to purchase a book. Which version do I need, Minitab, JMP or SimgaXL?  Thanks.