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Black Belt Certification Requirements

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Requirements

  1. Review all lesson topics and quizzes
  2. Pass each DMAIC phase test (80%)
  3. Pass the certification exam (80%)
  4. Complete & upload your BB project report for review
    If your project is approved and all other certification requirements noted above have been met, the system will release your certification. If your project requires editing and re-submission, you will be notified and your required tasks will be provided.

What if you take certification exam twice but result in less than 80% you lose your money and fail class?

Hi Zachary,

If you are unsuccessful after two attempts at the certification exam, let me/us know (michael or admin@lscorp.com). We will review your progress and your account. if there appears to be a genuine effort, we will reset your exam and allow you two more attempts.